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Hair Extensions

The Possibilities Are Endless with hair extensions

Do you wish you had longer hair? Growing out your hair is a great option but it can take a very long time to get it to the length you wish for. If you can’t wait for your hair to grow out, you should try hair extensions. Hair extensions are a great way to add length and volume to your hair instantly. It gives you the ability to experiment with different hairstyles. Do you wish you had knots? Or perhaps, you have always wanted to know what you look like with braids? With hair extensions the possibilities are endless. You can also add chemical-free color or highlights without causing any damage to your natural hair. You will feel instant gratification once your hair extensions are on. It’s no secret that, when we look good, we feel good. You can have the long hair that you have always wanted and start feeling more confident without waiting too long with hair extensions.

At Right Hair Universal Hair Studio, one of the many extensions we offer is sew in extensions. Sew in extensions is when weave hair is applied to braiding the natural hair to cornrows then sewing the weave into the braid or cornrows. We also offer taped in, Glued in, Micro links and Fusion Extensions. If you have already decided on what kind of extensions you want; great, if not, we can help to decide what may be right for you.

Are you ready to put extensions in your hair? If so, come to Right Hair Universal Hair Studio in Frederick, MD. where we treat each client like our only client. We take special time to deliver only the best service in our small yet intimate surroundings. We offer flexible hours and comfort while a top-class cosmetologist attends to your needs only to deliver a work of art to your hair every time. So come on in to Right Hair Universal Hair Studio for hair extensions today. At Right Hair Universal Hair Studio, we do your hair right. BOOK NOW!

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